Simply stated, Networking with Nate is the premier coaching/networking venue for professionals in transition within the Raleigh Durham area. I was exhausted; crushed at the thought of searching for a new job. My health wasn’t optimal, my attitude wasn’t positive so I definitely needed time to decompress. Each resource added a piece of the job search puzzle, but Networking with Nate provided the glue.

Sue Williams - Alumni

NWN taught me how to listen and figure out what each networking contact needed and how I could help. NWN impacted my search by shortening my time to hire. I was new to networking so the program was very helpful as I was new to the area and did not have any contats.

Mark Schaefer - Alumni

Networking with Nate taught me how to engage and broaden my network through an organized approach; use of tools like JobScan.co and autopilot for LinkedIn; identified other networking opportunities like Networking AllStars; strategy for how to meet individuals and those that they know as well; how giving back and helping others should be a focus as well as the job search which lessened the stress knowing I was not the only one in this position.

Michelle Peck - Alumni

Networking with Nate provided strategies that helped me feel more comfortable and more natural reaching out, interactions were more mutual and effective. Significantly increased the range of possibilities. I found the 1-on-1 meetings with Nate to be very valuable; Nate has a genuine desire to help and is a creative thinker with respect to possibilities.

John McNally - Alumni

Nate shares his employment personal story and encouraged me to share my own employment personal story. Everyone’s story can be shaped in a way to allow for the next great job to be in your grasp; however, I strongly believe networking will be a necessary and big part of finding and obtaining this next great job. The job world and the job search world is not easy, but Nate builds on positive community building methods. I am grateful that Nate wants to share his positive, efficient and rigorous methods of building networks. I know that Nate is able to reference many different professionals in his network and he strives to maintain and positively affect those in his networks.

Charlie McFee - Alumni

Nate sits down with you and offers to help you develop a personal game plan. He also actively offers to introduce you to others in NWN. The introduction sessions as well as the breakout sessions help you meet others, hone your search and interview skills, and keep you actively engaged in the job search. I placed more emphasis on preparing for interviews (64 top interview questions were "worth the cost of admission" alone) and meeting others.

Norwin Fischer - Alumni

You need to do this to expand your network and learn what to do once you do expand your network. Even if you don’t implement all his suggestions it can drastically reduce the amount of time to land a job. I learned so much during this transition time. Try to enjoy this transition time as much as you can. Do not stop networking and learning once you land a position. I cannot thank Nate enough for being so with giving his time and transferring his knowledge to others.

Molly True - Alumni