Module 1

1. Talking too much about yourself
2. Building shallow relationships instead of deep ones
3. Not being specific about your ideal referral
4. Lousy follow up

Module 2

1. One to Ones

2. Defining your ideal referral

3. Describing how your services benefit your referrals

4. Why Strategic partners should be your main goal

5. How and why to make introductions and referrals

Module 3

1. Be open to brutally honest feedback
2. Apply the 80/20 rule to your time and energy
3. Evaluating Networking groups: are they worth your time
4. The importance of Mentors
5. Promotion Strategy: word of mouth marketing

Module 4

1. Networking events to create
2. Networking books I recommend and have read
3. Building a network to make your own job
4. Structure of a great networking event
5. Industry specific Ideas, power teams

Module 5

1. Places to prospect: common vs rare
2. Thinking about what businesses you can create
3. Co-branding content and Events
4. Public speaking to establish credibility
5. How to give a 5 or 10 minute presentation

Bonus Module

1. Writing to build relationships
2. lessons learned from running a business
3. Personal Board of Directors
4. Creating accountability with a public schedule
5. inviting people to events as a numbers game